About Vlkolínec

Taking out Morena

People in Vlkolínec also said their goodbyes to the winter season by the ceremony of taking out Morena.

Morena was the goddess of winter and death of the old Slavs. People used to do this ceremony in order to say goodbye to winter, during which life was difficult in those times, and to welcome spring, which represented rebirth of life. People were able to maintain this tradition even in the period of Christianity.

In Vlkolínec, Morena was prepared by young women, who weaved her from straw. It was always done on Sunday. The basis were two wooden poles joined into a cross, and then wrapped in straw. They added the arms and the head and, finally, they dressed her in a shirt, a skirt and an apron, and they tied a scarf around her head.

Then the young women carried Morena down the village while singing and having fun. Finally, by the creek, they set Morena on fire, singing the whole time, and they threw her in the creek. Everyone was happy that the winter was over and that it was time for the spring, which would wake up the nature and make it blossom and bring the whole land back to life.