Things to see

Well below Speváková

The well is situated by the road in the Trlenská Valley, approximately 150 m away from the parking lot in the Trlenská Valley below Vlkolínec. You can find the spring via the access road from Vlkolínec, running along which is a bike trail from Biely Potok to Vlkolínec.

The well is used in particular by visitors of Vlkolínec on their way up to Vlkolínec from the parking lot in the Trlenská Valley below Vlkolínec.

– The well is situated 700 m away from the centre of Vlkolínec, as the crow flies.
– The well is not a spring, it only regulates the stream which collects the water from various springs in the area of “Speváková” located above the well.
– It consists of a wooden conduit, which regulates the stream of water, and a wooden structure with a wooden shingle roof.
– Access to the well is facilitated by a wooden bridge with handrails.
– Passing by the well is a yellow-marked bike trail connecting the bike trails running through Biely Potok, Vlkolínec and Vlkolínske Lúky, and a green-marked bike trail running from the area of Jazierce through Vlkolínec to Ružomberok.
– Apart from its refreshment function, the well also serves for the visitors of Vlkolínec as a background for taking pictures.