About Vlkolínec

New Year's Eve

At the turn of years, people in Vlkolínec also remembered to say goodbye to the year they were leaving behind and to welcome the new one.

On the last night of the year, people got together for the solemn mass at the church, which was beautifully lit up, similarly to Christmas Day. After the mass, in front of the church and on their way home, everyone wished each other a blessed and happy new year.

At home, people had a festive dinner, they ate sweet bread gnocchi with “bryndza” cheese, butter and onion. They washed the food down with sour milk.

In the morning on the first day of the new year, the wishing visitors were going around the village and wishing everyone a happy new year.

For lunch, people had a traditional sauerkraut soup with noodles, smoked meat and potatoes. After lunch, children went sledding and adults were chatting in the streets. In the evening, young women got together in one house and played card games.