About Vlkolínec

Farmer's yard no. 9010

Farmer’s yard no. 9010

– this protected monument site includes a traditional house, a barn, a stable and a fence
– the farmer’s yard is situated on the south-east side, in the centre of Vlkolínec
– it was built in the 1990s, but it is a copy of the original house from 1844
– the farmer’s yard is a national cultural monument registered under number 2838/1-4

– the house is oriented in the north – south direction
– facades are painted with blue paint
– it has a stone underpinning and a concrete foundation
– it has double, two-wing, four-panel windows in a wooden frame
– it has a saddle, shingle roof with angled shields
– at the top of the front shield, there is a roof window shaped like a cross and a half-circle decoration with a peg
– it has wooden rain gutters

– the yard is separated from the street by a fence made of wooden planks
– the yard can be entered through a smaller wooden entrance gate and through a larger two-wing plank gate
– a part of the fence is made of planks with gaps

– the barn and the stable are located at the back of the house and they share the same roof