About Vlkolínec

Farmer's yard no. 9018

Farmer’s yard no. 9018

– this protected monument site includes a traditional house and a barn
– the farmer’s yard is situated at the lower end of Vlkolínec, on the west side of the road
– the house was built in 1945
– the barn was built in 1890
– the farmer’s yard is a national cultural monument registered under number 2845/1-2

– the house is situated in the northern section of the yard, which is shared with neighbouring double house no. 9016 – 9017
– it is oriented in the east – west direction
– the house consists of a kitchen and two rooms
– the house also has a cellar
– it has a high, stone underpinning
– the underpinning makes up the walls of the cellar
– it has double, two-wing, two-panel and three-panel windows
– there is a wooden staircase with handrail in front of the entrance to the house
– the entrance to the house is from the yard on the south side
– the entrance to the cellar is situated below the entrance to the house
– the house is sheathed with wooden boards
– it has a shingle roof

– the barn is located behind the house
– it is the original barn
– it stands on large corner stones
– it has a large, wooden gate
– it has a passageway structure
– it has a saddle, shingle roof with angled shields