About Vlkolínec


Christening of a newly born was a very important act for the citizens of Vlkolínec, who were strong believers.

The date of the christening was chosen by the midwife, as she was the one who delivered all the children and so she knew very well when to christen a child.

Godparents for the child had to be chosen by the parents. People did not dare refuse to be the godparents, as they considered it to be their duty as Christians. To the child’s parents, the godparents became “compadres”, a co-father or a co-mother.

The godmother carried the child to the place of christening, wrapped in a pillow. In addition to the parents and the godparents, siblings attended the christening as well.

The christening ceremony at the church did not take too long. The priest instructed the parents and the godparents to raise the child in Christian love and spirit.

After returning home from the church, there were household chores and farm work which had to be done.

Then, in the evening, there was a celebration at home. The house members were joined by the godparents and the grandparents. They had drinks and ate pastries. The dinner party usually lasted until ten o’clock at night. After that, everyone had to go to sleep, as they had to get up early again the next morning.