About Vlkolínec

Trails and footpaths

Due to its location away from the main routes, Vlkolínec practically demanded creation of many access trails and footpaths, which were used in the past and which are still used today. You can get to Vlkolínec almost from each side. The main access route to Vlkolínec used to run past Krkava Rock from Ružomberok, along the so-called “Kráľovská Cesta” (Royal Route). Today’s access route to Vlkolínec leads through the Trlenská Valley from Ružomberok’s town district Biely Potok. There are also marked hiking trails or bike trails which lead to Vlkolínec. In the surroundings, you might also find trails which serve or used to serve other purposes, apart from being access paths to the village. Our description will indicate where these trails run or used to run.