About Vlkolínec

Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day is celebrated in Vlkolínec by carolling.

This holiday reminds us of the three wise men from the East – Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar, who came to Bethlehem to bow in front of new born Jesus and brought him their presents – gold, incense and myrrh.

In Vlkolínec, this feast day began with a solemn mass in the morning. The mass was followed by consecration of houses in the village. The priest was accompanied by the vestry-keeper and three ministrants, who carried a vessel with holy water and the incense. One of the ministrants carried a bell, which he rang every time they entered a house. In each house, people were expecting them, dressed in formal clothing. Upon entering a house, the priest said: “Peace to this house.” Then he prayed and asked God to bless the house and all its residents. In the meantime, the vestry-keeper wrote the current year and letters G+M+B, the initial letters of the three wise men’s names, at the top of the door. Finally, the priest blessed the house and its residents with incense and sprinkled them with holy water. Then he continued to the next house, until getting through all of them.

This holiday finally completed the Christmas holiday season.