Vlkolínec offers many attractions to its visitors. In addition to the tour of the village, which, due to its preservation level, represents a traditional mountainous village of northern Slovakia, you can also visit and see other exhibitions, in particular, Farmer’s House and Yard with the exhibition of traditional way of living and life in Vlkolínec, UNESCO Vlkolínec House with exhibition displays, Church of the Visitation of Virgin Mary, a shepherd’s hut with traditional furnishings, a mini gallery with art works, and private exhibition the Folk Art Gallery.
The surroundings of the village offer the opportunity to see typical sub-mountainous meadows with sub-mountainous flora with abundant hay barns (stalls). Due to its location at the foot of Sidorovo hill, Vlkolínec offers possibilities of trips or walks with views of the surroundings. This area also offers plenty of springs and geologically interesting sites, such as rock needle “Krkava Rock” or travertine terrace “Vlčia Rock”, and others. The small terrace fields in the surroundings, which are gradually being covered with growth, are a proof of what a difficult life people in Vlkolínec used to have and how they were able to use everything that was available in the surrounding landscape. You can just take a walk and wonder, and you will be able to imagine what the life in the foothill areas of northern Slovakia used to look like.