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In the past, people valued everything that was good for them and that they could benefit from. The area around Vlkolínec is rich in water, which is evidenced by a large number of springs in the surrounding areas. The inhabitants often used them when working in the fields, and during extremely cold weather when the only well with potable water in the village froze over, they had no choice but to go bring the water from one of the springs. As water was a necessary part of everyday life, people took good care of the local wells and cleaned them regularly. There is also a spring near Vlkolínec, the so called “Teplica”, which does not freeze over even in the coldest weather, and which was many times used by the inhabitants as the only source of water during extremely cold temperatures. In addition to the springs situated in the close vicinity of Vlkolínec, you can find descriptions of other springs on the website of Ružomberok dedicated to visitors, under section about nature.