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Farmer's yard no. 9004

Farmer’s yard no. 9004

– this protected monument site includes a traditional house, a farm building and a barn
– the farmer’s yard is situated in the eastern part of Vlkolínec, in the vicinity of the Folk Art Gallery
– it was built at the end of the 19th century
– the farmer’s yard is a national cultural monument registered under number 2833/1-3

– the front facade is oriented to the north
– the yard is located west of the house
– it is oriented in the north – south direction
– the house consists of an entrance hall, a room and a storage chamber
– the front facade and the yard facade are coated with clay and painted with yellow lime paint
– the east facade is covered with shingles in the bottom section
– the house has double, two-panel and three-panel windows
– it has a saddle, shingle roof with angled shields
– at the top of the front shield, there is a roof window and a half-circle decoration with a peg

– the yard is separated from the street by a wooden fence
– the yard can be entered through a smaller gate for pedestrians and through a full, plank gate
– there is a shingle roof over the fence

– the farm building is built in direct continuation of the house

– the barn is situated in the southern section of the yard