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Surroundings of Vlkolínec

What also makes Vlkolínec interesting, in addition to its architecture and its log buildings, are its surroundings. They complete the colouring of the village and position it in a hilly mountainous landscape, thus creating the unforgettable atmosphere of a mountain village. The terrace fields demonstrate how the mountainous landscape had to be altered in order to use each space, however small, for farming. The meadows, for a change, demonstrate the variety of herbs, which were used to fulfil everyday needs of the citizens. The hay barns (stalls) make us realize that all of the surroundings were used and not a single piece of land remained unused. The abundance of springs and their regulation suggest that, when living in harmony with nature, people were able to mindfully alter and use everything that was available to them. Below Sidorovo hill, which towers over Vlkolínec, we can admire natural formations, such as Krkava Rock or others, in particular those which are located in the surroundings of the Trlenská Valley.